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Impact of Digital Marketing in the Gaming industry

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Digital marketing has seen a huge rise in the past few years and so has the gaming industry. It is estimated that marketers will spend 75% of their marketing budget on digital marketing instead of traditional marketing in 2021. Digital marketing is taking over successfully.

Every year a large number of internet users are becoming gamers and this is not only in the united states but all over the world. The gaming market is growing indefinitely and it is important for digital marketers to understand how they will participate and how they will allocate their budgets with the industry.

What gaming industry means for digital marketers

  • An indulgence in the gaming industry allows you to interact with a whole world of users that were otherwise not in the picture for digital marketers. Gaming visits by devices is drastically increasing year by year, completely affecting the way content is consumed, tablets have made a large comeback among gamers. Getting to know these insights about the gaming and other industries can really help digital marketers to reach potential consumers.

  • Video gaming and live streaming

    Video content is the new king, millions of gamers stream live content and watch users play their favorite games. Video content gets the most attention and influences more users.  Most gamers just watch YouTube content about playing instead of actually playing the game.

Around 81% of businesses use video marketing as a tool- up from 63% since last year. (Hubspot). But gamers are just not watching regular users; they are watching influencers who are pro at their favorite games so they can connect to them and learn.

  • Female audience

    Around 63%of the gamers were females as of 2019 statistics. Gone are the days when the gamers were just teenage boys playing video games in the basements. Most of the female players are middle-aged women. This is great news for marketers who want to target the gaming industry since they have a whole new age group to connect with. This large shift is caused by a lot of YouTube video gamers content that has gotten female attention.