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We are a group of gamers, who have technical expertise to convert thoughts into reality. We have played games, so we know what a user might need to enjoy the game. We are developers, so we know how to optimize the game. So combining both, now we can create game concepts which are actually playable and enjoyable. You can find our games on Android, iOS, Facebook Gameroom, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and PC.


The Concept

We sat together, had few cup of coffee and decided to collaborate together on the game ideas that everyone had. Planning began in December 2018.

Gearing up

All of us prepared up for a new start-up and started documenting the game concepts that we had. Brain Storming, research and wire-frames helped us in putting finalized game concepts together.

Legal Stuff

On 31st August, 2019, we finally incorporated the company and did all patents of ideas to ensure that our hard work can never be copied.


We started doing weekly milestones for the games and started hiring additional hands that we need. Raising the team size to 21 people on board.


We chose 3 game concepts to start with and started with wireframes, followed by UI design, then UI optimization by UX expert and then designing models and game development.


We go through a thorough testing phase to ensure that our games will be enjoyable by everyone.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

game of life


We are the biggest game studio in central part of India, with several Game Studios as our associate partners in USA, UK and Australia. We are committed to provide playable games in different genre to ensure game is loved by all. Our games can be played by Kids and the GrandPa all together.

We Design

We make 3D models, Animations, UI, and marketing videos & images to ensure things are presentable.

We Develop

We develop our games in Unity 3D or Unreal and ensure proper optimization so that games can be played on any device.

We Publish

We publish our games on all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Facebook Gameroom.

We Market

We have our marketing strategy with around 1 Million patrons who love our game concepts and are eager to accept our game concepts.